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Voices in my head. Stories from the heart.

I write to silence the people in my head....

Step into my Small Town, Cowboy, Suspense, or Women's Fiction worlds below.



Navy SEAL Ethan MacKay returns to Sweet Grass Ranch to recuperate from an injury suffered on a mission, and eventually help manage the South Dakota family ranch with his identical twin brother, Evan. But he’s been gone too long, and he’s not the man who left the ranch over a dozen years ago. Not by a long shot. His body broken, and hopefully not his mind, he prays what they say is true—that cowboy runs deep in your blood—because this black sheep cowboy could sure use something familiar to hang his hat on. But being back home at Sweet Grass is almost more of a challenge than heading up a special ops mission in Libya, especially when something familiar turns out to be the major challenge—his ex-wife, Brandley Mendoza. Brandley and Ethan’s marriage quickly unraveled when he headed into SEAL training, and by the time of his first deployment, their relationship was fatally severed. Still, she keeps in close contact with the MacKays and considers them family. Hired by Ethan’s brother to rev

Women's Fiction by Madelaide James

Madelaide James is the women’s fiction pen name for romance author Maddie James.

While Maddie dabbles with cowboys and small town happily-ever-afters, Madelaide explores the real-life, complicated relationships and situations of women, men, and families, and tackles some of those problems through story. She figures she’s lived long enough to bring some of her own life experiences into the mix.

The Tuckaway Bay Books are women's fiction stories. Some with romantic elements, and some not. Set on an east coast barrier island, the coastal town of Tuckaway Bay has a small-town, southern feel, and a beachy attitude. The locals are friendly and many of the vacationers return year after year. You might want to book a weekend get-a-way soon at The Dunes at Tuckaway Bay.

That One Summer releases in early Summer 2021. This short story launches Maddie's new women's fiction pen name, Madelaide James, and the Tuckaway Bay series.

That One Summer

He’s the one who got away. She’s the one who couldn’t commit.

Twenty years ago, Lia Langston left Tuckaway Bay, leaving behind friends, a really good job offer, and the young man she’d fallen in love with that summer. The breakup hurt them both—but she was expected back home in Chicago where a job was waiting. From there, she meandered through life—marriage, a child, divorce, career—yet, there was one constant. She never missed the annual week at Tuckaway Bay with her college girlfriends.

Same week, same beach house, same beach town. The routine was safe and predictable. By the time beach week rolled around every year, she was more than ready.

Until this year.

When Zach Allen—the young man she left behind—steps back into her life, she must face the twenty-year-old consequences of her leaving. Will Tuckaway Bay allow her a second chance to make things right?

That One Summer will launch in June, 2021. Stay tuned!