Good Enough

She’s from the wrong side of the tracks. He has a past she might not understand.

Mira Featherstone knows her place in life and it’s not with Jake Remington. Rich guys play on the wrong side of the tracks but they don’t bring girls like her home to mama. Since Mira has no expectations beyond the moment, she doesn’t mind playing—and she loves toying with the bad boy lawyer until it gets her into trouble with her boss, Heath McCoy.

Jake Remington is a wealthy Texas cowboy whose family land borders the McCoy Highlands ranch, although he now practices law and lives in Kentucky. He is back in Texas to settle a land dispute between his parents and the McCoys and plans to take care of business and get the hell out of Dodge before he gets himself into trouble. Again.

Because trouble for Jake always comes in the form of a Texas beauty he can’t keep his hands off. His last temptation landed him with a lawsuit. But when he bumps into Mira coming out of his hotel room at Heath McCoy’s resort, keeping his hands off the hotel maid is nearly impossible.

Three Ways to Upstage a Bachelorette Party

Three Ways to Upstage a Bachelorette Party
1. Hire a stripper with an identical twin.
2. Hook the bride up with the "ex" fiancé.
3. Hold the party in a haunted hotel.

But wait. There is more

Three women, three stories, and one unexpected night…

Mary Kate Wells is the wedding planner extraordinaire, single-handedly planning her sister’s bachelorette party and upcoming wedding. Because that’s what she does—plan. All the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted. Yet, her sister chides her for not being very worldly. Mary Kate refuses to admit that she’s innocent, however. She’s had sex, she’s here to tell you. But the truth is when Johnny the Stripper calls the day of her sister’s bachelorette party to confirm his appointment later that night, the sound of his voice saying, “Hi, Mary. My name is Johnny, and I’ll be your stripper this evening,” jerks her libido into full-speed ahead like nothing she has ever experienced. When Johnny arrives with his twin brother, Shawn, at his side, Mary Kate realizes the fire in her gut can only be extinguished by one thing—no wait, two. In her ear she hears her sister chiding, “I bet you won’t. I bet you won’t.” Determined to be her own worldly woman, Mary Kate realizes there are some things you just can’t plan for—and bets that she will.

Meanwhile, Lainie Wells, Mary Kate’s sister, vows she will get married. She will, she will, she will. The arrangements are perfect. He’s perfect. Her life will be perfect. Bleh, bleh, bleh. Thoroughly confused and utterly disgusted with herself, Lainie is resigned to imminent marriage. Besides, Mary Kate has everything planned and her father has footed an astronomical bill. She will, she will, she will. And she keeps saying that all the way up to the point where her ex-lover and maximum curler of her toes, Simon Shepherd, takes the stage during the bachelorette party drag show, links gazes with her and won’t let go, and later feels her up backstage until she’s spent and more. Suddenly, “I do” feels more like “I don’t.” But Simon left her two years earlier, telling her needed to live his life differently than what she needed. So, why is he coming after her now? And who is that other guy watching him feel her up?

Later that night, as maid of honor, Dee Crowe, looks up from her drink while sitting in the hotel bar after the uneventful-for-her bachelorette party, she swears a man is staring back at her in the mirror. Their gazes connect and hold, she turns, but no one is there. The sexual titillation that runs through her body at that moment frightens her almost as much as the fact that she’s darned certain she’s seen a ghost. Earlier during the party, as pictures were snapped with digital cameras, everyone claimed to see orbs circulating Dee’s body. And Dee’s alone. As the night rolls on, Dee experiences a ghostly encounter of the ménage kind that makes her believe in sex here, and in the hereafter?—which takes getting laid to a whole other level.

Will Mary Kate succumb to the sexy stripper duo?
Will Lainie let Simon back into her life or get married after all?
Will Dee experience more than simply getting laid?