What is your Write Path to Publishing Success? Mostly, that depends on you.

This book and workshops helps you focus on your writing. Period. A writing career is something you can think about later.

Because maybe you’re not after a full-blown writing career. Maybe you are. Either is fine with me and that’s a decision you make for yourself. In fact, as you progress throughout your life (and maybe this book and workshop), your writing focus may change. Over my 30+ years of pursuing and living my Write Path, my focus has changed many times. Sometimes it was me. Sometimes the change came because of life circumstances. Other times because of the shifting publishing industry.

One thing I know for certain, if you stick around the writing world long enough, you’ll see change—either within yourself, or the writing world around you. Probably both.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself. This book and/or workshop will prompt you to think and plan and prepare for wherever it is you want to take your writing. Perhaps you want to write your family history, publish the book, and give to your family for Christmas presents. And maybe that’s your only goal. Good for you and no judgement here. It’s your goal. Your Write Path.

Others may strive to write to make a living at writing. No judgement there either. I’ve had that same goal for myself and was successful in making it happen through diligent planning and hard work. I’ve also had that dream ripped out from under me.

But the bottom line with this book, and with accompanying workshops if you choose to take them, is whatever path you choose, it’s Your Write Path. It’s yours. No one else’s.

Some of the chapters in this book and topics for the workshops include:
  • Discovering Your Write Path
  • What's Your Brand?
  • Tell Your Story
  • Publishing Your Way
  • Marketing Your Way
  • Living the Writer Lifestyle
  • Your Success, Your Way
Watch this page for more information on the release of the book and the upcoming workshops. For questions, contact Maddie at [email protected]