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Tuckaway Bay  Books  by Madelaide James That One Summer, Book 1 He’s the one who got away. She’s the one who couldn’t commit. Lia Langston left Tuckaway Bay twenty years ago, leaving behind an attractive job offer and the young man she’d fallen in love with that summer. The breakup hurt them both, but she was expected back home in Chicago where a new job was waiting, one her father had pulled strings to help her land. While Lia wasn’t thrilled with the idea of jumping from beach life into Corporate America, as a new college graduate, she knew the family expectations. She meanders through life—marriage, a child, divorce, career—yet there is one constant. She never misses a summer trip back to the beach with her college girlfriends. By the time beach week rolls around each year, she is more than ready to shake off her troubles, unwind, and unplug with the girls. And every summer, Lia wonders if she might run into Zach Allen again. She doesn’t. Then Zach steps back into her life. Suddenly


Can a love-at-first-sight weekend turn into the happily-ever-after they aren't even sure they want?

When Cole Stevens travels from Montana to Texas to close a business deal with his old friend, Chandler West, he never expects to close in on a relationship, too. But with one brief flicker of eye contact in the airport with a pretty young woman carrying a guitar, his heart starts to unravel.
Sarah MacKay, fresh off the South Dakota ranch she grew up on, is touted as the up-and-coming country music singer of the year. Invited to sing at Chandler West’s annual ranch barbecue, Sarah finds herself in opposition with her manager, and Cole steps up to protect her from the smarmy, poor excuse of a human being.

Emotions are high and sparks fly, and for the first time in his adult life, Cole feels something for a woman that both mystifies and terrifies him. But it’s just a weekend, right? He will be back home on the Branded Filly Ranch in Montana come Monday, and Sarah has a career to get off the ground. Can a love-at-first-sight weekend turn into the happily-ever-after neither of them are looking for?

Then Sarah turns up missing and it’s suspected she’s been abducted by her manager. Suddenly Cole has more to worry about than a love-at-first-sight weekend. Will he lose Sarah before he has her?