Holly Hill Inn

Welcome to Holly Hill Inn. A stay at this bed & breakfast has been known to heal hearts and mend relationships of lovers and families, who may have gotten a bit lost along the way.

Set in the quaint New England town of Dickens, both the town and inn bustle with excitement and anticipation for the Christmas holiday. Dickens offers an abundance of heartfelt wishes, perhaps a much needed miracle or two, and—quite possibly—a touch of magic! Families reunite, new friends are made, and old flames take a second chance at happiness. All while celebrating this most joyful time of the year.

My Holly Hill Inn stories are part of the Christmas in Dickens series authored by several authors.

Miracle at Holly Hill Inn was part of the original multi-author holiday anthology and will be rereleased in the fall of 2021.

Home for Christmas, Book 1

A star-crossed, holiday romance story of young love, old love, holding on, and letting go.

During the summer of 1989, Jenny Anderson meets Ben Matthews during a beach vacation with their families. Fresh out of high school and ready to get on with life—Jenny to Penn State in the fall and Ben to work for his uncle at Dickens Hardware—they didn’t expect to fall in love.

But love-at-first-sight happens anyway.

This long-distance relationship doesn’t deter them. After a summer of love letters and clandestine trips in the fall, Ben asks Jenny’s father for her hand in marriage over Thanksgiving weekend. Much to Jenny’s horror, her father angrily denies his request.

That’s when Ben and Jenny devise a plan to elope, enjoy a Christmas honeymoon in the mountains, and settle into life in Dickens, the Christmas Village. Jenny hopes her parents will come around, finally give their blessing, and welcome Ben into the family.

But plans go awry when Ben’s truck breaks down not far out of Dickens. The young couple takes refuge from a fast-approaching snowstorm at an old farmhouse with elderly occupants. The pause in their getaway causes Jenny to have doubts—until she witnesses first-hand the power of love and the magic of Christmas.

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Miracle at Holly Hill Inn

Sometimes all we need is to believe.

Ariana Angelo’s blog specializes in “all things Christmas, all year long.” While traveling New England in search of the perfect Christmas village, she lands in Dickens amid the town’s Christmas festivities—and a snowstorm. She’s delighted and giddy with holiday cheer and can literally feel the magic of the season in her bones.

Matt Matthews—owner of the century-old Dickens Hardware—despite all the Christmastime holiday hoopla, dislikes the season. He’s all about regular business—not a holiday ornament or tree trimming bauble to be found in his store. The holiday triggers unwanted memories, so he avoids the festivities—and the people—as much as possible.

While she set out to find the perfect Christmas village, Ariana instead finds the town Scrooge. Will two days snowbound together at the historic Holly Hill Inn bring them closer together on their holiday differences, or send them each on their merry way?

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The Last Christmas at Holly Hill Inn

Can a couple on the verge of divorce find romance again during their last Christmas holiday at Holly Hill Inn?

Will and Ava Cohen were wildly in love—five years ago. Today, they are ships passing in the night, two professionals driven to reach the pinnacle of their professions. When Will steps in the door of their restored Brownstone in Brooklyn each evening, Ava is already on stage at the Gershwin, playing the role of Glinda in Wicked.

They’ve decided to call their marriage quits—but not until they spend one more Christmas holiday together with their families at Holly Hill Inn. Traditionally, the family arrives in New York and they all take the train to Dickens together. Will and Ava plan to share their news on the train ride back home.

That was the plan, anyway. When Kat Hall, owner of Holly Hill Inn, senses something off kilter with Ava and Will, she enlists her sister-in-law Ariana—self-dubbed Queen of Christmas—to weave some extra-magical Christmas spirit around the couple.

Ava starts looking at her marriage—and Will—differently, and wonders if they’ve been too hasty in making the decision to divorce. But the train is about to leave the station, and she’s unsure if she can halt it—or if she should.

Will this really be the last Christmas they will share at Holly Hill Inn?

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