Do dead guys want it?

Find out the answer in this southern-fried comedy with a smattering of romance, a side of mystery, and three crazy sisters...

A deadly romantic comedy.

 All Mitzi Winston wants is enough money to pay this month's mortgage payment. That's the only reason she even considers the phone sex job. Ever since her husband's disappearance, she's held things together quite nicely--until recently. And now, well, she just needs the money.So, she bites the bullet and goes for the interview, only to find that the phone sex job isn't real and she's too late--not for the interview, but to save her husband. For there he is, dead on the floor, a bullet to the back of the head. To make matters worse, his ghost is hovering around and chiding her for being late. Not to mention he's horny as hell and trying to cop a feel.

Which only begs the question, "Do dead men still want it?"

"I have never laughed out loud often at a book but this is one comedy of errors that are funny but believeable." Amazon Review, Busy Bea

"Actually laughed out loud at some points of the story. The dynamic of the sisters was wonderful. The story was a hoot!" Teresa Reasor, Amazon Review

"Laughed & laughed. I am so glad I got it!!I laughed pretty much from page 1 until the last page." Amazon Review, D. Crouse.

❤ "Still Maddie James, still romance, but with a smattering of ghost, mystery and a lot of Southern sass. A really funny and enjoyable read!" 5 Stars, Seleena's Book Reviews

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