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She’s roses...
Playing good sport to appease her best friend was one thing, but sophisticated Kim Martin was hardly equipped for a Colorado camping trip. Especially when their mountain guide was a rough-edged cowboy who was as untamed as the wilderness. His outdoors style might jump-start some women but a strictly indoors woman like Kim found him—almost resistible.

He’s rawhide...
Thad Winchester’s patience for city women was wearing as thin as the seat of his jeans. But there was something about Kim that was putting his hard-and-fast don’t-touch rule to the test. The plucky blonde was just the woman to share his Flying W. Ranch. All Thad had to do was bring out the wildflower in the refined beauty, and convince her that he was her man. Bar nothing.


Rodeo took him from her once. Will it take him again?

It’s been a decade since Garth Nash left the Triple R Ranch to become a bull riding star. Now he’s back home to pay his final respects to the man he’d loved like a father, and to console the pesky tomboy he’d loved like a little sister.

But there’s nothing pesky or boyish about Amarilla Ray now. She’s a gorgeous, barrel-racing cowgirl who knows exactly what she wants. Thing is, what she wants might be him.

Rilla had loved Garth like a big brother all those years ago, but today, her feelings are taking turns in a whole new direction. Suddenly it feels like Garth just might be the rest of her life. But rodeo took him from her once, and she knows he’s bound to leave again.

Can she take the risk and let herself fall hopelessly in love with Garth? Or will he leave her again…broken?



The long-requested sequel to Maddie's very first published book will soon be released!

 Readers want to know...

 What happened to Jillie and Mack's relationship at the end of Rawhide and Roses?

Will they get back together?

What is their story?

 While Kim Martin and Thad Winchester find their happily-ever-after in Rawhide & Roses, their best friends, Jillie and Mack, decide to end their two-week romp in the mountains. But when Kim and Thad host their wedding at Thad's Colorado ranch several months later, both Mack and Jillie must come face-to-face with each other—and reality.

 Both are harboring secrets—secrets that could make or break a potential future relationship. Can they reveal those secrets? Will they? And if so, can they get past them for a future together?  

The Cowboy's Secret Baby is coming soon!