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  1. I had left a message on your face book page about the next book in Montana Heat and now I am on your web site and see that the next in the series is Seducting Sarah. Why is it just on Kindle world? I have read all the Montana series and now can't read book eight because it on Kindle world... I know I can get Kindle on my iPad but don't like it and all your other books that I have are on iBook. I had really enjoyed the series now I can't finish them. My email address is

  2. Hi Linda. Thanks so much for stopping by. It really makes me happy that you liked the books in the Montana series. I'm sorry that you are unable to get Seducing Sarah and I so understand your feelings. The "why" about why Sarah is only on Kindle World is because of the opportunity I was invited into to help share my Montana world with new readers in Sable Hunter's Hell Yeah world. But don't worry--the plan is for Cole and Sarah to show up again in a later story. I know that doesn't help now and I'm sorry! But there is more to their story. :)


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