Get ready for the boys of Sweet Water Ranch, South Dakota. Coming in 2017. Information will be posted as it is available! 

ETHAN: Black Sheep Cowboy
Sweet Water Ranch, Book 1

Her heart is still vulnerable; his still beats like a renegade.

His body broken, and he hopes not his mind, Navy SEAL Ethan Mackay returns to Sweet Water to manage the South Dakota ranch, eventually, with his identical twin brother Evan. That might sound like a simple task, but at thirty-four, he’s been gone nearly fifteen years, and he’s not the same man who left the ranch all those years ago. Not by a long shot. He hopes what they say about ranching is true—that cowboy runs in your blood. This black sheep cowboy sure could use something familiar to hang his hat on, but being back in Sweet Water is almost more of a challenge than heading up a special ops mission in Libya. Especially when that challenge is his ex-wife—Brandley Mendoza.

Hired by Ethan’s brother Evan, Brandley also returns to Sweet Water, years after she and Ethan divorced. Their marriage unraveled quickly when Ethan headed into SEALs training and by the time he was assigned active missions, their relationship was fatally severed. Why Evan thinks she’s the person to help Ethan get his head back on straight after a failed mission, and settle into ranch life, she doesn’t know. But she gives in and risks coming down from her Black Hills safe haven to find out—only to realize that her heart is still vulnerable, and that Ethan still possesses the soul of a renegade.