Crazy For You

Who knew getting naked could be so funny?

"...a wacky comedy with humorous scenes, good character development and snappy dialogue." --RT Book Reviews

She’s Tofu

A lovely nineties-style flower child, Tasha Smith enjoys her laid-back life at the shop where she sells organic fruits and vegetables, even though lately she’s been in a funk over a broken engagement. Determined to shake her blues, she heads down to a resort in sunny Jamaica, and along the way, hooks up with a most unlikely companion—a workaholic salesman who has no idea how sexy he looks in his Brooks Brothers suit!

He’s Beefsteak

Andrew Jacob Powel III reluctantly heads to Jamaica after winning the trip for high salesman of the month. He figures while there, he’ll handout business cards and make some new connections. But when he connects with Tasha, his professional poise begins a slow unraveling. She is at turns enchanting and exasperating—and adorably determined to tease him out of his conservative shell, not to mention that Brooks Brothers suit.

Even as a sultry passion takes them both by surprise, Andrew and Tasha know they’ll have to return to their very different lives—but their hearts keep telling them they belong together. And hearts never lie…

An excerpt:

Pinebow Springs, Colorado
June, 1996

I can’t do it.
Tasha Smith glanced to her right at her fiancĂ©, Mark Tyler. His black suit fit nicely. The crisp white shirt he wore was starched to perfection his gray striped tie was tucked neatly between his lapels. Every hair was combed into place with exact precision. He was handsome, with chiseled features and a body that wouldn’t quit. Of course she’d thought that since they were children. She was deeply fond of him, and he loved her, she knew. But as he stared straight ahead, a slight smile on his lips, listening intently to the minister’s words, she couldn’t help thinking the thought that had run through her head for weeks now.
Longer, if she really cared to admit it.
I can’t go through with this.
Slowly, she angled her gaze toward the minister. His lips were moving but her brain didn’t comprehend a single spoken word. Glancing lower, she caught sight of her own attire. She’d purchased the dress in Denver months ago. The gauzy, cream-colored fabric flowed from high under her breasts, the empire style accentuating her slim waist. The hemline was long and swirled around her ankles. Blades of grass poked at her feet between the straps of her tan sandals. All around her, Rocky Mountain nature called, luring her thoughts away from the activity going on around her.
Her mother’s garden was such a beautiful setting for a wedding. The floral essence was so romantic against the crisp-clean mountain air. They had planned this for so long. Too long, actually, it always seemed they were putting it off....
A breeze blew playfully through her long, brunette hair and Tasha silently wished she could sail away on that breeze to some distant, mythical place where she wouldn’t be troubled by the right, or the wrong, thing to do.
Opening her eyes wide at that revelation, realization hit like a fist of ice into her belly. Oh, God. She was making a terrible mistake.
I really can’t do this.
With a quick glance at Mark, she let her hand drop from his grasp. The other arm fell and the bouquet she carried lay loose in her hand.
Mark glanced at her, then sharply back to the minister.
“...and so if there is anyone here with just reason as to why these two young people should not be joined in Holy Matrimony today, let them come forward now, or forever hold their peace.”
Tasha let her wedding bouquet fall completely to the ground.
With her gaze turned toward Mark, she heaved in a deep sigh and silently met his questioning stare.
“I’m so sorry,” she whispered.
Turning, she ran blindly up the aisle through the garden.

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